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NEXT OFFICIAL CLUB MEETING: 8:00am Saturday April 29th - Mom's Cafe 422 Main St, Plattsmouth, NE.

Our monthly meeting typically occurs the last Saturday of the month. Official meeting time is 8:00am at Mom's Cafe, 422 Main St, Plattsmouth, NE 68048. Many planning to have breakfast arrive prior to the meeting around 7:30am. You do not have to be a member to attend, however, only members may vote during the meeting. There is no breakfast meeting in the months of January, June, and December. The June meeting is held at our field day location before lunch.

Additional Get-Togethers Tuesdays: Plattsmouth Burger King at 7:00 PM. This is an informal social meeting. Please drop by even if you're not a member. Discussions are typically technology related, including radio.

Our club newsletter is "The Communicator." The newsletter is published monthly as a PDF and emailed to all club members. The Communicator is edited and published by KB0OGO, Roger Behrns. Any club member may submit a story to the editor.


News and Announcements:

Plattsmouth ARC Member Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to Plattsmouth ARC member Bill McCollum KE0XQ for receiving the Skip Miller W0KVM Lifetime Achievement Award for Amateur Radio Nebraska Section. This honor is presented to someone who has been dedicated in promoting Amateur Radio during their lifetime. Bill McCollum KE0XQ is an Official Observer Coordinator, and Assistant Section Manager for the ARRL. In 2004 Matt Anderson succeeded Bill as the Section Manager after Bill decided that after 10 years of holding the post, it was time to retire. Since Bill has served as Assistant.


Midwest Radio Show- Hastings NE

KB0LF writes, I have attended a number of the Hastings ARC Club (Amateur Radio Association of Nebraska, ARAN) meetings over the last few months, mostly to advertise and report on NE150 activities, and was at their meeting last night. They are sponsoring a hamfest again this year (May 13) called the Midwest Radio Show and I offered to help them advertise it to clubs I was familiar with; attached is the link to the website for the activity.

  • Visit: Second Annual Greater Midwest Radio Show, Hastings May 13

    Help Promote Youth Ham Radio

    Wednesday evenings at 8pm on the W0WYV reaper (147.39) you are invited to join Dudley (KD0NMD) for the Scout Net. The purpose of the net is the promotion of Amateur radio, primarily, for children interested in becoming ham operators as well as anyone newly licensed or otherwise wanting to get more involved. New licensees are encouraged to participate as well as experienced ham operators. Upcoming events will be discussed all of which are positively rewarding once you jump in and get involved. Read the full story here.


    GMRS Jamming Source Located in Plattsmouth

    On a number of occasions a source of harmful radio interference to FRS/GMRS has occurred in Plattsmouth in the form of intentional "jamming" as well as vulgar language. An operator using a radio transmitter set to continuous transmit has attempted to disrupt radio communication on Family Radio Service frequencies. Using direction finding techniques the source was today traced to the address 909 Main Street in Plattsmouth Nebraska. The occupants of the yellow house ceased transmission when they realized they had been discovered. Several youths were home without adult supervision. Plattsmouth police visited the home and the FCC has been notified. Radio direction finding or "fox hunting" is great practice for the amateur operator and opportunities like this create the ideal fox hunting challenge.



  • KB0OGO, Roger Behrns is the PARC club President.
  • KC0HYD, John Titsworth is the club VP.
  • N5SEZ, Ray McNally is the club Secretary.
  • KI0PY, Kevin Faris is the club Treasurer.

    Talk to Us: We have two club repeaters on the 70cm band.

  • 443.450 - PL:100 - located downtown Omaha (status: active)
  • 443.225 - PL:100 - located in Murray south of Plattsmouth (status: down)

    PARC is active on the MotoTRBO DMR DMARC system: Nebraska Talk Group.


    Club Member Accolade from ARRL

      Congratulations to Ray N5SEZ for achieving 2016 Nebraska State Ham of the Year, an award from the ARRL! Ray was present ed the award at the 2016 Lincoln hamfest. We are all proud to have Ray as a member and officer of the Plattsmouth Amateur Radio Club and appreciate his contributions to the ham community!


    2016 ARRL Field Day

    Field Day results will be posted on this link:

  • KB0SMX Field day 2016 - Updates, Results, and Picutres (check back for updates!)

    Field Day was June 25 - 26, and the Plattsmouth Amateur Radio Club was set up at Young Memorial Park in Murray Nebraska.

    On field day amateur operators will strive to work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 6 0, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands) and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions.

    For more information on ham radio field day visit the ARRL Field Day Overview.

    Find updates on the KB0SMX Field day 2016.

  • Local Amateur Radio NETs

    An amateur radio net is an "on radio" gathering of amateur radio operators. A net may be formal or informal. They reoccur at regular intervals on a schedule. A net control operator is the individual presiding over the net that directs whose turn in order may speak. A predetermined topic may be selected or there may be open discussion depending on the type of net. Some nets serve a specific practical purpose while others are merely social. Getting involved in a social net is a quick way to meet other hams and become familiar with the process of repeater or simplex operation.

  • List of EN21 Verified Area Nets (link)

    Members and other local ham radio operators interested in starting a Plattsmouth Amateur Radio net please visit one of our meetings, formal or weekly informal, and tell us your ideas. Our operational repeater in Omaha Nebraska has excellent coverage. When the Murray repeater is placed back into service this summer that coverage will extend to Union, and Nebraska City.

    Local Amateur Web Sites:


  • Heartland Hams Amateur radio Club - ''including Glenwood Ia.''
  • Southwest Iowa Amateur Radio Club - ''including Council Bluffs Ia.''
  • South West Iowa Amateur Radio Association - ''including Creston Ia.''
  • Story County Amateur Radio Club - ''including Ames Ia.''
  • Pawnee Amateur Radio Club
  • Nebraska Tricity Amateur Radio Club - ''including Scottsbluff Ne.''


  • Derek Winterstien W0DBW
  • Tom Huber WD0BFO


  • Nebraska 3.982.00 Phone Net Group
  • HF Net Info
  • Midwest Net Frequencies and Time


    Plattsmouth Radio Club Members:

    AG0L Steve Loyd, AI0N Chuck Engberg, K3CRF Dave Smith, KB0FSI Pat McCollum, KB0LF Fred Ericksen, KB0OGO Roger Behrns, KB0SJB Tom Katalenich, KC0HYD John Titsworth, KC0HYE Shirley Titsworth, KD0NMD Dudley Allen, KD0BXB Kim Allen, KE0XQ Bill McCollum, KG0KR Beth Engbert, KI0PY Kevin Faris, N5SEZ Ray McNally, W0DBW Derek Winterstien, W0ZY Dave McLaughlin, W0ZYD Debbie McLaughlin

    Join P.A.R.C.

    Please consider joining and offering your contribution to our club. The Plattsmouth Amateur Radio Club is an active part of the local radio community providing an excellent field day, radio education, regular meetings, events, and training. The membership registration form is on each newsletter, which you can click on one of the PDF links on the right of this web page, or you can print the image below and use it to register. New licensees may receive the first year membership for free. This really is a great group of hams and we want you to be one of us.

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    Every Saturday SWIARC has a swap net for ham radio gear. You can sell your ham radio items or listen for equipment to buy.

    Listen on the 146.820 repeater at 12:00pm for the SWIARC Saturday Noon Swap Net.

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